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5/14/2024 THANK YOU!!!

THANK YOU!  Thank you, to each and every one of you, who helped make our "For the Love of Spring" fundraiser a phenomenal success!!  $4663.00 was raised for the library, which also made us eligible for the Jenkin Family Charitable Fund matching funds of $4000.00.    We couldn't do what we do without the support of our community.  Thank you all again, so very, very much!!


     We’ve set the date for our Spring basket silent auction.  It will run from Monday, April 22nd to Saturday May 4th.  What’s especially exciting about this fundraiser?  We have a donor, The Jenkin Family Charitable Fund, that will match what the library raises up to $4000.00.  If you donate a basket and it sells for $75.00, you’ve now helped the library to raise $150.00.  The theme this year is “For the Love of Spring” because we are feeling the love from the Jenkin Family with their matching funds offer.  If you have a great idea for a basket but need the actual basket to put the items

Tip the Teeter Contest in October

         Remember the Penny War between the 5 Green Lake County Libraries?  Well, this year only 2 of us wanted to do it again, Kingston being one of those.  So…we decided to come up with a new fun way to collect pennies (or any other change).  It is the “Tip the Teeter” contest which will start on Monday, Oct.


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