5/14/2024 THANK YOU!!!

THANK YOU!  Thank you, to each and every one of you, who helped make our "For the Love of Spring" fundraiser a phenomenal success!!  $4663.00 was raised for the library, which also made us eligible for the Jenkin Family Charitable Fund matching funds of $4000.00.    We couldn't do what we do without the support of our community.  Thank you all again, so very, very much!!



     We’ve set the date for our Spring basket silent auction.  It will run from Monday, April 22nd to Saturday May 4th.  What’s especially exciting about this fundraiser?  We have a donor, The Jenkin Family Charitable Fund, that will match what the library raises up to $4000.00.  If you donate a basket and it sells for $75.00, you’ve now helped the library to raise $150.00.  The theme this year is “For the Love of Spring” because we are feeling the love from the Jenkin Family with their matching funds offer.  If you have a great idea for a basket but need the actual basket to put the items in, the library has a great variety of sizes to choose from.  Please turn your baskets in by Saturday, April 20th.  Check back often, as we will post pictures of the items as they arrive.  Won’t you please help us to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.  Thanks so much!

#1 Bright Smiles donated by Connie Thomas#2 Garden Starter donated by Ted & Michelle MacHugo#3 Bean Bag Toss donated by Lorrie Jansma#4 Welcome to Paradies donated by Nancy Wallman#5 Waste Wise donated by Mary-Anne Raab#6 Friday Night Fish Fry donated by Jes Walker#7 Game Night donated by Bev Plath#8 Good for the Soul donated by Kendra Knackert#9 Until Spring Comes donated by Anonymous#10 Welcome Spring donated by Pam Jenkins#11 Bring the Shine to Your Ride donated by Michelle & Ted MacHugo#12 For the Love of Tacos donated by the Library#13 Think Pink donated by Janet Burdick#14 Hey Dude! donated by Someone Who Loves Their Library#15 Saucy, Cheesy, Oh So Easy donated by Sue Vaughn#16 Snack Attack donated by Emerald Wilson.#17 Springtime Welcome donated by Pam Jenkins#18 Rise and Dine donated by Someone Who Loves Their Library#19 1 of a Kind Spring donated by Pin Oak Designs, Lelia Ziebell#20 Did you Brush donated by Randolph Family Dental, Dr Werner DDS#21 Spring Bucket List donated by Chirs' Floral#22 It's Not Hoarding donated by National Exchange Bank#23 Eat Fresh this Spring donated by Subway-Amber Desjarlais#24 WIshin I Was Fishin donated by Superheat and Cooling#25 You Say Tomato, I say Bloody Mary donated by Leahys Rustic Inn#26 Grillin & Chillin donated by Shipp Lawn Service#27 Celebrate The USA donated by Laura Koopman#28 One in a Melon donated by Lenita Hein#29 Cherish donated by Karen Davis#30 Go Pack donated by Danielle Plagenz and Terry Miller#31 Happy Stitches donated by Richie Plath.#32 Dough for Dough donated by Ergo Bank-Markesan#33 Little Wren House on the Prairie donated by Danielle Plagenz and Terry M#34 Wine Not Toast Spring donated by Jean and Ruddy Winther#35 A Day at the Zoo donated by Horicon Bank#36 Sip, Sit and Write donated by Someone who Loves their LIbrary#37 Go Red Birdhouse donated by Danielle Plagenz and Terry Miller#38 Special Memories donated by Dave Pollesch#39 Yolk's on You! donated by Deb Cieliesz#40 Just Add Ice Cream! donated by Someone Who Loves Their Library.#41 Brew Crew Birdhouse donated by Danielle Plagenz & Terry Miller.#42 Roadside Rescue donated by American Family Insurance-Markesan#43 Toast Melt Grill donated by Lee Bailey#44 Spring Funfetti donated by Lee Bailey.#45 Home, Vintage, Gift donated by Hart Mercantile-Ripon#46 Oldie but a Goodie donated by Clyde Olson.#47 Bloomin' Gift Cards donated by Jamie Walker#48 Picture This donated by Rosanna & Dana Wendlandt#49 Sausage and Cheese Please donated by LeRoy Meats#50 Mint to Bake donated by Barb Dettman#51 Spring In Spring Green WI donated by Terry Kling#52 Pieceful Evening dontaed by Betty Kastenschmidt#53 Black & White Out of Sight donated by Barb Dettman#54 Hello Sunshine donated by Cathy Vinz#55 Pamper Yourself donated by Barb Dettman#56 Say Cheese donated by the Kingston Cheese Co-op#57 Barn Raising Time donated by Bob Powell#58 Marinade Me donated by Lenny Glover#59 On the Go donated by Sarah Chastain#60 Hsmm's The Beer Refreshing donated by Someone Who Loves Their Library#61 Cuddle Up With Cuteness donated by Sarah Chastain#62 Candy Charcuterie donated by Wood Be Good by Giz - Manchester#63 Tasty Treats Times Three donated by Lenny Glover#64 Tailgate Party donated by Karen Davis.#65 Elephants and Butterflies, Oh My donated by Kathy Scheier#66 Fun in the Sun donated by Karen Davis#67 Waiting for Spring donated by Bob Powell.#68 Homemade with Lover donated by Danielle Plagenz#69 Squeeze the Day donated by Scarlett Pecaro#70 But First, Coffee donated by Scarlett Pecaro.j#71 Red Flower Stake donated by Sara & Lori #72 Light Blue Flower Stake donated by Lori & Sara.#73 Orange Flower Stake donated by Lori & Sara.#74 Black FLower Stake donated by Sara & Lori.#75 Dark Blue Flower Stake donated by Sara & Lori#76 Yellow Orange Flower Stake donated by Lori & Sara.#77 Memories donated by Vicky Evans.#78 Take a Walk with Me donated by Bob Powell

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