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2/8/17 New Group Meeting at the Library!

  On Tuesdays at 1pm we have a new group meeting at the library.  They are the Kingston Comm. for the Preservation of Sanity group.  Bring a craft.  Sit and visit.  Read a book.  Get out of the house and save your sanity.  The groups motto is "Together we will make it through the winter without losing our minds."  Last week one member worked on a painting, while another quilted a baby blanket.  Others just sat and visited.  Come join the group, and save your sanity!
    Working on your taxes?  The library has forms available, the basic ones for State and Federal. 

1/10/17 Angelic Display

This month our library is featuring a collection of angels  courtesy of Delores (Del) Schweder.  The collection could be titled eclectic as there is no one theme but rather a variety of mixed styles.  Glazed, porcelain, crystal, metal, fabric, manufactured or homemade, each one holds a story and a forever home in Del's heart for the person who honored her with that Angel given with love.  There are a variety of porcelain blue and white china angels from the George  Lefton Company.  Mr.

09/21/2016 American Girl Club Returns

Have you missed the American Girl Club over the summer break?  Or maybe you've never been to the club?  Well, this Saturday, Sept. 24th, at 9a.m. the club will start back up.  Amanda Rose is the head of the group and brings a story, an activity, and a treat for all.  The stories are about American Girls from different time periods.  The club members learn what it would have been like to live during that time and the project relates to the story.  The club meets once a month on a Saturday and the dates for the 1st three months are: Sept. 24, Oct. 22, and Nov.


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