New Farm Display

Sometimes you just have to ask to receive.  I was talking with Kathy Scheier (Pres. of the Kingston Historical Society) at the library the other day, about doing a farm display for our County Wide Read in Sept.  I asked her if the Historical Society might have some things we could borrow for the display. A few days later, in came Kathy with everything we needed to set up the entire thing.  Top and center in the case is a large poster/picture of a farm that had hung in her parents' home years ago.  When the home was downsized and things divided amongst the kids Kathy got the poster.  It goes well with the children's toys and farm animals that her children played with when they were young.  Kathy also brought in several things from the Historical Society.  A scale model of a "loader" that Ed Ring of Dalton patented in 1905.  A picture of a farm family during threshing time. A thresher is a piece of farm equipment that removes the seeds from the stalks and husks of grain. It does so by beating the plant to make the seeds fall out.  Early threshing machines were hand-fed and horse-powered (just like in the photo).  There are other photos, books, and items so the next time you are going thru Kingston, stop at the library and take a look at the display.