Board Meeting


October 5, 2015            


The meeting was called to order by Jes Walker at 6:08 p.m.  Others present were Lenny Glover, Sara Wilson, Kate Tyczinski, Betty Kastenschmidt, Kathy Sletten, Chrissy Michels and Jean Winther.  Joy Waterbury was absent.  A motion was made by Jean and seconded by Kathy to approve the minutes for August 31, 2015 and the treasurer’s report showing a balance of $7,173.28. 



1.   Shelving Re-arranging:  Sara advised that the children’s section is done and the teen section has been moved to where the children’s section was and now includes a reading area.  The adult fiction will now be reshifted.  A new desk is needed for the middle area and it was decided to use the money we had planned to use to purchase new shelving that was not needed. 

2.  Cookie Walk:  Betty advised that we can apply for Thrivent funding and she will put in a request for expenses of $250.  Sara advised everyone to think of items to put in the mystery boxes that will be raffled.



1.  Carpet Cleaning:  Betty will try to get the name to contact for Sara. 



1.  Fall Fundraiser:  After a discussion it was decided to have a fall basket fundraiser.  The baskets should be turned in to the library by November 9 and bidding will be held from November 16 to the 21.

2.  Budget:  Sara presented the 2016 library budget.  She advised that the request to the County will be less this year.  A motion was made by Jes and seconded by Jean to approve the budget as presented.  The motion carried.  Board members will go the municipal boards to request funds for the library.  Sara will go to the Village of Kingston, Kathy will go to the Town of Kingston, Jean will go to the Village of Marquette and Lenny will go to the Town of Marquette.

3.  Snow Shoveling:  Sara advised that Phil will do the snow shoveling for the library again this year.  A motion was made by Kathy and seconded by Kate to approve Phil Costa doing the snow shoveling.  Motion carried.



There were no topics from the floor.

Motion by Jes and seconded by Betty to adjourn the meeting at 6:42 P.M.


Lenora Glover, Secretary

The next regular meeting will be on Monday, November 2, 2015 at 6:00 pm at the library.

Monday, October 5, 2015 - 6:00pm