Audio Books Delivered Direct to Your PC

If you listen to audio books, we have the perfect thing for you — our library is now providing access to the OverDrive Digital Audio Book collection!

You can download audiobooks to your PC and listen to them on your computer, transfer them to a digital audio player, PDA, or other portable device, or burn them to a CD.

It’s easy! Just click on this link for digital audio books, choose one of the great titles available, download and listen. Search for your favorite book titles or browse through topics of interest. Choose from over 500 fiction and non-fiction titles, anytime day or night.

If you’re already a fan of books on tape and books on CD, this is a new way to enjoy your favorites at home, in your car and on the go!

Need help? Check our digital audio books help page for tips on downloading, listening, transferring and more!

Choose from over 500 fiction and non-fiction titles, anytime day or night!
Downloading the free and easy to use OverDrive Media Console software allows you to listen to audio books in high-quality Windows Media Audio format on any Windows computer. If your PC already has Windows Media Player installed, the Console works hand-in-hand with WMP to give you added functionality to transfer your audio books to supported portable devices.

Access to Overdrive Digital Audio Books is made possible by funding from the Winnefox Library System and the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium.