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4/2/15 "Purse-suit" of Happiness Fundraisier!

The Mill Pond Library in Kingston cordially "purse-suades" you to help us "purse-sue" a very special kind of Silent Auction.  Imagine your library filled with elegant hand bags that "clutch" your attention, filled with "purse-sonalized" gifts to amuse, entertain, pamper and surprise.  Over the next few weeks the Library needs creative "purse-ons" to rummage through the closet and latch onto those often once used and now unwanted hand bags.  Fill them with things other people might enjoy.  Maybe a bottle of Champagne, wine-glasses, and a romantic DVD create the perfect "purse-ona" presented in a shiny red tote.  Grab your alligator baguette, throw in some potting soil, add a plant or flower for the perfect hanging garden accent.  You get the idea; it's like a gift-basket, only more "purse-onal".  With Mother's Day just around the corner, nothing could be better than a beautiful purse filled with Mom's favorite things.  And we don't want the guys to feel "purse-cuted", so how about a camouflage backpack or barrel bag with tools or items for a day of fishing.  Not feeling creative?  Just leave your empty baggage at the library and we'll take care of creatively filling them so each purse will "tote" its own "purse-onality".  So many beautiful purses you'll find it difficult to maintain your "purse-spective".  Finally on April 27th the "Purse-suit" of Happiness silent auction begins and will run until Saturday, May 2nd.  Bid perhaps on a goodie-filled Gucci or capacity-crammed Coach.  "Purse-severe" throughout the week to check your bids often.  If you're "purse-sistant" you'll come out a winner. 

3/9/15 Library News - Lots of things coming up!

Both Markesan and Kingston libraries are actively collecting coins in the Penny War that started Feb. 16th and will end on March 16th.  Markesan was the challenger and Kingston is working hard to be a great competitor.  It is a fun rivalry between 2 close libraries and it benefits both with monies raised as well.  The loser of the challenge has to display a booby prize (provided by the winning library) for the following month.  So please, bring your pennies in today!!
      Other library news at Kingston....  On April 7th Kes Thompson will do a class on Facebook.  If you have questions about how to do something on Facebook and send it in ahead of time Kes will address those as well.  April 14th Kathy Sletten will walk you through selling items on EBay.  And on April 21st Phill Costa will talk about computer security & how to keep your computer virus free.  Classes will cost $10.00 each or take all 3 for $25.00.  Stop in to register today! 
    We have a new display in our display case titled Winter Showers bring Spring Flowers.  The collection of snowmen is loaned to the library by Marlene Kohn of Marquette.    Do you have a son or daughter that just loves the American Girl books and dolls?  Mrs. Amanda Rose of Kingston is starting an American Girl Club that will be held the 3rd Saturday of each month at the library from 9:30 am to 10:30am.  For more information or to join please call Amanda at 920-767-1479 or stop in at the library.


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